Nutmeg. Attic Hideout

Nutmeg’s new release coming for Shiny Shabby on August 20th.



Set Includes:

  • Couch in 3 colors (Black, Cedar, Lightgrey). W/wo Plaid. Plaid texture option. 16/8Li PG – MF/FF/MM, Adult – MF/FF/MM/FFM –
  • Armchair in 3 colors (Black, Cedar, Lightgrey), 5Li. PG & Adult – MF
  • Pillows 2 Sets w/Texture Option. Set 1: PG&Adult – MF, 5Li. Set 2: Decor – 2Li
  • Decor items: Vase Set, Lamps, Coffee Table, Candle Holders, Plated Pink Branch
  • Complete Set Bonus Items – Rug in 4 colors & Painting

Attic Hideout Pillows_Set1_Texture OptionAttic Hideout Pillows_Set2_Texture OptionAttic Hideout Sofa Plaid_Texture Option

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